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Project Management Happy Hour

Jun 11, 2018

Getting started in a new organization, new customer, or new parts of your current org can be tough, especially since managing a project usually means you need to navigate all those waters like a pro - out of the gate. But how do you do that? How do you “get to know” the organization quickly and effectively so you can get the show on the road?

This episode we talk with a Change Management specialist, Dilerjit Oberoi, who will help us learn to "swim" in a new organization - or to new parts of your current organization. No need to ‘go under’ when you have advice from a great expert like Dilerjit!

About our great guest, Dilerjit Oberoi:

Dilerjit Oberoi works for DPDHL IT Services in Prague, Czech Republic. He helps to articulate mid-long term roadmap for the organization, oversees projects to deliver on strategic priorities and does a whole bunch of other activities related to Service Excellence. He has experience in managing complex projects and working together with a diverse group of people from all around the world. He has an MBA from Warwick University in the UK and is currently learning the art of simple communication from his 3 year old daughter.


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