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Project Management Happy Hour

Feb 18, 2019

We all  assume that following process, better data and improved maturity will fix all our PM issues. That make sense, but is it true? What does the data say?

This was our question last fall going into PMO Symposium. Then we realized, we’d be surrounded by hundreds of amazing Project and PMO leaders who could help us understand this better! So, we engaged with 65+ Project and PMO leaders to collect data measuring different aspects of project success, what processes & tools they used (or didn’t) and what data they used. Some of the answers were just as you may expect - but a number of them were really surprising!

In this episode, we walk through the findings of that study.



We also recorded a video version of this podcast so you can see the graphics - check it out here

You can also download a copy of the presentation, here.


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