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Project Management Happy Hour

Jul 17, 2017

Join us for our new podcast, the Project Management Happy Hour! In our first 5 pilot episodes, we are going to look at the first 5 questions you need to ask whenever starting a new project, whether you are:

  • Kicking off a fresh new project
  • Taking over an in-flight project
  • Scoping out a new project opportunity
  • Performing an assessment of a project that may be in trouble
  • Communicating an overview of a project to team members or stakeholders

If you haven’t listened to Episode 1 & 2, you might want to check those out first J

Question 1 helped us define success for the project, Question 2 helped us understand scope and opportunity. With question 3, we’re going to dig into cost and VALUE.

This episode includes a free tool you can download. To get it, go to our site at and go to episode 003.



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